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Varicose Vein Specialist Doctor in Solapur

What are varicose veins?

The blood vessels that bulge just below the surface of your skin, called varicose veins, are twisted and bloated. Your legs, feet, and ankles are where these blue or purple bulges typically emerge. They could itch or hurt. Smaller red or purple lines that form near the surface of your skin are spider veins, which may surround varicose veins. Valsangkar Hospital is one of the best varicose vein treatment hospitals in Solapur. 

The disease is extremely common, especially among women.Varicose veins affect about 25% of adults. Varicose veins most commonly appear on the lower legs.

Causes of varicose veins

When veins aren’t functioning properly, varicose veins develop. When these valves malfunction, blood starts to build up in the veins instead of flowing toward the heart. The veins then grow in size. Legs are commonly affected by varicose veins. Gravity makes it more difficult for the blood to move higher because those veins are the furthest from your heart.

What distinguishes spider veins from varicose veins?

Despite having different appearances, varicose veins and spider veins are both forms of venous illness. VSpider veins are thinner and smaller; varicose veins are bigger.

Typically, spider veins don’t hurt. They can show up anywhere on your body, most frequently on your face, feet, or behind your knees. Your feet and legs are where varicose veins typically manifest.

Varicose veins are relatively common.

In many people, varicose veins exist. Varicose veins affect about onethird of all individuals. Those identified as female at birth experience them more frequently than those assigned as male. Valsangkar Hospital provides one of the best Varicose Vein laser treatments in Solapur

What manifestations of varicose veins are there?

A twisted, blue, or purple vein just beneath the surface of your skin is the most noticeable indication of varicose veins. These signs include:

  • Blue or purple, these twisted, bulging, rope-like veins are enlarging. Your legs, ankles, and feet have them visible just below the skin’s surface. They may grow in groups. Spider veins, tiny red or blue lines, might be seen close by.
  • Legs that feel heavy: After physical exertion, your legs’ muscles may feel heavy, exhausted, or sluggish.
  • Itching: Varicose veins’ surrounding skin may itch.
  • Leg Pain: Especially behind the knees, your legs may feel uncomfortable, achy, or sore.
  • Legs, ankles, and feet can all swell and throb.