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Neurointerventional surgery is a multi-disciplinary subspecialty of medicine. Neurointerventional surgeons specialize in minimally invasive procedures of the brain and spine. This is accomplished by small skin incisions and the use of image guidance. Image guidance allows the surgeon to navigate a small instrument to the area of interest by using pictures. Small skin incisions and image guidance allow brain and spine procedures to be performed without disrupting or manipulating the normal structures of the skull, brain, and spine.

Neurointervention (also: interventional neuroradiology, neurosurgical angiography, and surgical neurology) is a specialist field of medicine that specializes in the endovascular treatment of vascular disorders of the brain, spinal cord, head, and neck, as well as other peripheral vascular malformations.

The possibilities of the interventional therapy balloon- or stent-supported operative comprise, for example, the treatment of aneurysms (coiling methods), carotis stenting, topical lysis, clot retrieval, intracranial stents, pre-embolization of tumours, treatment of AVMs (arterio-venous malformations) and AVFs (arterio-venous fistulas), and angiographies in intervention readiness.

Basilar thrombectomy

Basilar Stenting

Internal carotid artery stenting