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Heart Specialist in solapur

Dr. Shonali Valsangkar, a DNB Neurosurgeon in Solapur, has a well-equipped clinic with all of the latest technology. The clinic features separate waiting and consulting areas, providing ample space for patients to wait comfortably. The doctor provides a variety of medical services as a specialised General Physician Doctor. Neurology and Preventive Medicine are two examples.

When open-heart surgery to be needed?

A CABG procedure may involve open-heart surgery. Those with coronary heart disease may require a coronary artery bypass graft.

When the blood arteries that provide oxygen and blood to the heart muscle narrow and harden, coronary heart disease develops. This is referred to as “hardening of the arteries.”

When fatty material deposits a plaque on the coronary artery walls, hardening results. Blood flow is hampered by the arteries’ narrowing caused by this plaque. A heart attack could happen if the heart’s blood supply is compromised.

Open-heart surgery is also done to:

the replacement or repair of heart valves, which let blood to flow through the heart; the repair or replacement of damaged or abnormal heart tissue; the implantation of medical devices to assist the heart beat normally; or the replacement of a damaged heart with a donated heart (heart transplantation)