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Best Brain Injury Treatment In Solapur

Endoscopy is a method for peering into a body cavity through a small aperture utilising a tube with a lens and a light source. An endoscope functions like a tiny camera to view the pathology or issue. The endoscope is attached to a monitor and contains a light source. The actual target size is enlarged more than 100 times during the surgery, which is done while gazing at the screen. The transition from open abdominal surgery to Best Brain Injury Treatment In Solapur is analogous to this strategy. The goal is to address the target pathology or issue with the least amount of damage to the surrounding tissues. In neurosurgery, both brain and spine diseases can be treated using this strategy.

What is its goal?

The intended usage of the procedure determines the surgery’s goal. This could be done to cure a herniated disc, remove a tumour, biopsy a mass, decompress a cranial nerve, remove a tumour, or address any number of neurosurgical issues. Here at Best Brain Injury Treatment In Solapur.

How is it done?

With minimal or no brain retraction, minimally invasive endoscopic brain surgery aims to access pathology like a tumour through small incisions or natural openings like a nostril. This aperture is utilised to insert an endoscope, which is used to view and carry out the neurosurgical procedure. A monitor showing enlarged real-time video from the endoscope is viewed while the surgery is being done. The remainder of the procedure is carried out using methods similar to those used in open surgery, but specific instruments are needed, allowing for less retraction and a lower risk of brain injury. The spine is operated on using the same principles. visit  us  for the Best Brain Injury Treatment In Solapur.